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Dieppe Uncovered

One of the most ambitious projects undertaken by NSE, it tells a new and shocking story behind one of the worst military operations during the Second World War, the failed Raid on Dieppe where nearly 1,000 soldiers were killed and 2,000 taken prisoner.  The cameras follow military historian David O’Keefe on his investigation into once classified top secret files to uncover a story about Dieppe that has never been told.  O’Keefe reveals that there was a top secret commando unit attached to the operation created by soon to be famous writer Ian Fleming when he worked for British Naval Intelligence.  This unit was after secret German documents including a four rotor enigma machine that could have changed the course of the war.  Dramatized on the actual beaches of Dieppe, with use of cutting-edge computer animation that brings this horrific battle to life.  History Television and UKTV.