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War Junk 3


 In the third season of this hit series Professor David O’Keefe and filmmaker Wayne Abbott investigate more iconic battlefields in the world telling the story of war by what has been left behind.

They dig up extraordinary remnants on Juno Beach on the Normandy Coast and then go deeper under Vimy Ridge than any TV crew before them exploring 100 year old tunnel dug during WW1.   They travel to Italy and uncover dangerous UXOs where the Battle of Monte Cassino took place and then uncover rare artifacts that tell the remarkable stories of liberation in Northern Holland.  More...

War Junk airs on History TV November 2015 
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There have been many stories produced on Titanic but none quite like Drain the Titanic.  Using state of the art computer animation the infamous ship is seen in all it’s glory when we virtually remove 12,000 feet of water to reveal Titanic as she sits today on the seabed.  Now investigators get an extraordinary new look at the most famous shipwreck in the world and new revelations are made. More...

Discovery Canada, National Geographic US and NGCI. 
Distributed by Earth Touch


What do we really know about this 500,000 square mile piece of ocean? Why does it have such an ominous and mysterious past?   Is there truly something ‘different’ about this area of the ocean that supposedly has claimed so many lives?
There have been many stories done on the Bermuda Triangle but none that have gone to the depths of what we have accomplished.  To truly analyze and investigate this strange section of ocean we will literally ‘drain’ the water and see for the first time what exactly lies below the surface of this mythical triangle.  
Discovery Canada, National Geographic US and NGCI. More...

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This six part series delves deep into the question on whether UFOs exist by investigating the evidence within top secret government documents declassified over the past few decades.  This is produced by Company X Studios, a new production animation company owned by Wayne Abbott with partner John Moores.  UFOs Declassified is one of the most in-depth investigations into the UFO phenomena. More...

History TV, Smithsonian TV and UKTV
Distributed by Off The Fence



One of the most ambitious projects undertaken by NSE, it tells a new and shocking story behind one of the worst military operations during the Second World War, the failed Raid on Dieppe where nearly 1,000 soldiers were killed and 2,000 taken prisoner. History Television and UKTV. More...


A pilot for an innovative and  dynamic new television series that will look at some of the greatest battles in modern military history by searching, finding, and analyzing the WAR JUNK left behind on battlefields and hidden in people’s basements, and attics.  In this episode, The Battle of Hong Kong, military historian David O’Keefe and filmmaker Wayne Abbott investigate and explore the little-known battlefields surrounding this renowned international city.    History Television. More...


A unique look at the unseen world under the surface of the Great Lakes of North America by using cutting edge CGI to remove the water revealing incredible features like ancient waterfalls, meteorite craters and remnants of long ago shipwrecks. NSE in co-production with Mallinson Sadler Productions for National Geographic US/Int’l and Discovery Canada. More...


A deep-sea shipwreck series that pushes the limits of underwater cinematography.  The series tells the dramatic mysteries of First and Second World War shipwrecks but the focus is only on wrecks at a depth beyond what normal recreational divers can reach, and not so deep that submersibles are required.  The Deep Wreck Mysteries technical divers go to dark and dangerous depths to capture extraordinary images of wrecks off the English and French Coast to help solve the mysteries of why and how they sunk.  Series 1 - History Television, ZDF Enterprises, and ITV West.  Series 2 - National Geographic US, History Television and ITV West. More...


A two hour special that dramatically recreates the untold and shocking stories from a first person point of view of soldiers who experienced the battlefields firsthand during the Normandy campaign beginning with the landings on Juno Beach and ending three months later with the liberation of Paris. History Television. More...


One of the worse days for Canada during the Second World War occurred on July 25th, 1944 during Operation Spring.  The Black Watch of Canada were one of many regiments that took part in the advance towards German lines that day but due to military blunders and bad timing the regiment was almost wiped out.  Black Watch Massacre follows military historian Professor David O’Keefe on his investigation into top secret files as he retells the story and finds the truth behind who was responsible for the massacre.  History Television. More...


A pilot for a series that delves deep into the top secret war files to find new stories and new truths about battles of the Second World War.  This episode focuses on the last days of the Normandy Campaign during the Battle of the Falaise Gap. History Television


From first person testimonials of soldiers who fought in Italy during the Second World War, their stories come to life in this touching and dramatic documentary that focuses on the men who fought in the trenches during one of the least known campaigns of the war.  History Television.


The story of the First Special Service Force, one of the most successful units assembled during the Second World War.  A well trained commando force of daring men, also described as trained killers, comprised of Americans and Canadians who went on suicidal missions, and impossible operations during the Italian and European campaigns.  Told through the eyes of the men who fought with the FSSF, the story dramatically tells their incredible and almost unbelievable war story.  History Television.


A four-hour journey through the entire Second World War told only through the letters and diaries written by soldiers, families and even children who experienced it first-hand.  This  critically acclaimed series features the voices of Colm Feore, Victor Garber and Eric McCormick plus a cast of other great actors.  From A Place Called War was nominated for 4 Gemini awards including best History documentary, best director, best editing, and best music. History Television. More...



The first of two extraordinary documentaries that tell the story of Canada’s worst naval disaster of the Second World War, the sinking of HMCS Athabaskan on April 29th, 1944 that killed nearly 130 men.  Unlucky Lady is the journey of 8 survivors back to the coast of Brittany, France, near the sinking of their ship and the graves of their fallen shipmates.  A touching and personal story that describes the dramatic sinking and the emotional accounts of how the men survived, with many becoming POW’s. Nominated for best History Documentary.


The second of two documentaries produced on the sinking of HMCS Athabaskan on April 29th, 1944.  Wayne Abbott and a French marine historian, Jacques Ouchakoff, search and find the lost Canadian warship and then organize the first dive expedition to try and solve the mystery behind the sinking of the ship either an internal explosion or friendly fire. History Television.


The touching and shocking story of Yvette Grabner, a black girl growing up with her twin sister in the very white and socialist country of East Germany in the 1970’s.  She faces daily discrimination but uses running as a way to gain respect.  She makes the National East German track and field team but it is then at an international competition she falls in love with Mark McKoy, a Canadian hurdler.  She becomes paranoid and believes the East German secret police, the Stasi, are spying on her while she secretly has a relationship with Mark.  When the Berlin Wall falls down she escapes and travels to Canada to be with Mark.  He goes on to win the gold medal for Canada at the Barcelona 1992 Olympic games. History Television.

BETWEEN HERE AND HEAVEN: In Search of Jamie Marr           

The Marr Family from Edmonton, Alberta travel to Thailand for one last search for their missing son, Jamie.  This compelling documentary produced for the CBC Witness strand follows a grueling three week search into the underbelly of Thai society as they desperately try and find Jamie who disappeared 5 years earlier.  This was nominated for a Gemini for the Donald Britain Award for best documentary and a Hot Doc nomination for best social political documentary. CBC. More...

FRESH PAINT: Birth of a Franchise/Team

A two hour series on the making of the Toronto Raptor NBA organization and the creation of their inaugural team in 1995.  The extraordinary access into team meetings, training camp, draft day decisions and the dressing room of their first game makes this a truly ‘fly on the wall’ documentary before this type of television became common.  Five Gemini nominations.  


NSE’s first one hour independent documentary is part social political, part human interest and part comical as the cameras follow the Israeli National Ice Hockey team on their journey to South Africa to play in the Group ‘D’ World Ice Hockey Championships.  A personal look at the multicultural background of the players and how the political climate of Israel and the world at that time shaped this unique sports team. CTV.

OLYMPIC PORTRAITS: Barcelona 1992 and Lillehammer 1994

The first two big productions undertaken by Northern Sky Entertainment.  In conjunction with CTV and sponsor Coca Cola, NSE produced all of the athlete profiles leading up to the summer games in Barcelona and winter Olympics in Lillehammer.  NSE created ground breaking features that were as much visual spectacles as they were touching personal stories of the world’s greatest athletes competing on the Olympic stage.  CTV