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Wayne Abbott is a unique creative force within the television business.  He is an accomplished producer, director, cinematographer, editor and writer.  With over 10 Gemini nominations in various categories and two Emmy awards he has shown his vast creative ability on countless shows for NSE and other clients. 

He began in Sports Television with CBC Hockey Night in Canada in the 1980s and then moved on to work four Olympic games from 1988 to 1994 for both CTV and NBC Sports.

In the mid 1990’s he started Northern Sky Entertainment and began developing and producing his own programs for various networks including the Gemini nominated Between Here And Heaven for CBC Witness that was up for the Donald Brittian Award for best documentary in 1998, and UNLUCKY LADY for History TV that began his long road producing military history stories.

He has produced, directed and filmed various types of programming ranging from sports, social political, entertainment, history, drama, adventure, nature, environmental and human rights.  He has attempted to push the boundaries of story telling through his experience as a director, cinematographer, editor and writer resulting in visually stunning, story driven and often emotionally captivating films.

Recently he has produced and directed bigger, bolder programs like DIEPPE UNCOVERED that reveals a completely new story and changes our perception of history with regards to the failed Raid on Dieppe; and DRAIN THE GREAT LAKES that takes viewers on a fascinating journey into the unseen world underneath the surface of the Great Lakes.  In the recent pilot, WAR JUNK, produced by NSE for History TV, Abbott, for the first time, moved in front of the camera as a presenter.

He is now developing even more ambitious projects including 3D driven programs and venturing into dramatic films.